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Welcome to The Book Faery Reviews!!  Here you’ll find reviews of the books this SAHM of 3 has read.  You won’t find something formal, just the summary of the book I found from either the author’s site or another (which I DO credit) and my own personal thoughts.  I love reading books.  Sometimes I feel that I read the same type of book so I plan to expand out and read a variety of bookstyles.  I’m often asked how I actually have time to read with 3 kids but I’ve found that if you enjoy something enough you’ll find the time!  You might find me reading at stop lights (when I don’t have the kids of course), while I’m cooking, while I enjoy the outdoors, while I’m eating lunch (when nobody’s around), while the kids play, while I’m in the bath, while my hubby plays his playstation, while the kids are watching a movie, when everyone’s gone, and late at night before sleep or when I can’t sleep!  So it’s nearly all the time.  I’m ALWAYS reading a book and I read daily.  It’s good for the imagination and for making you think back on the things in your own life!


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  1. Hi there, I found my way here from Mary Lewis’s blog tour website. I like your blog and you write great reviews. I wanted to suggest to you that you might want to start using tags so that you get more hits and more readers directed to you from the WordPress dashboard. People can’t find you if you don’t use tags. You’ve got a great blog, but it appears (from your stats and from google subscriptions) that no one is reading it. I’m sure you want readers and commenters!! You might want to check your settings too to see if you are allowing search engines to find you. Sometimes when a blog is set up it’s easy to overlook that at first. I would also suggest (not that you asked, of course, but it seems a shame that such a nice blog is going unread) that you add a few other book bloggers to your blog roll. They will note the link and come on over to see what you’re all about. Anyway, all the best of luck! I’ll be back again to read your reviews!

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