Real Sex for Women

real-sex-for-women1FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE“You’ve seen her candid discussions on sex when she has appeared on the The Oprah Winfrey Show taking you behind closed doors to sex therapy and to help you live your best sex life during Oprah’s “Best Life” week.

“This bedside guide is designed to lead you to a lifetime of sexual satisfaction. Learn how to make great sex a part of your daily life…and have the kind of sex life that YOU want to enjoy. No supermodel fakery, impossible positions, or unattainable expectations. Just real, enjoyable, fulfilling, great sex — whatever your age, whatever your lifestyle — for you, for life.”

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…Read it alone (like me), with a girlfriend over drinks (again like me), or your lover/spouse (and once again like me) and you just might learn something fascinating to try out later on. I found this book to be an interesting read although I do have to admit that some things that were considered new and innovative weren’t quite that out of the ordinary; or maybe it’s just me ;-), so I was a little disappointed not to have many new things to try out when the time comes. Overall, I’d recommend this book to other women who are still trying to find their more sensual side or those that are looking for more excitement in the bedroom (or out…lol).