There’s STILL time left!

There’s still time…Don’t forget to stop at the following posts for your chance to get a copy of the book before noon on Friday, March 27th (ooh! That’s TOMORROW!!).  Winners will be selected Friday afternoon and contacted via e-mail & post.

The Truth Lies In The Dark by Kristin Callender

Shattered Reality by Kimberly Cheryl Elliott


Feb 9th is Read in the Bathtub Day!!


Don’t forget to stop by The Book Faery Reviews today as today’s Read in the Bathtub Day. Tell me the name of a book you are currently reading today and don’t forget to relax in the tub with it! Even if you’ve left a comment on the 1st and 2nd posts about the book giveaway for Brant Randall’s Blood Harvest (you can read about the book here), leave a comment here and you’ll get more entries in!

Giveaway ends tonight at midnight eastern time and is only open to US addresses.

Tonight after being on the road driving 10 hours (5 hours there and 5 hours back) to pick up littlest one from family I plan on getting into the tub and relaxing to Sabrina Jeffries In The Prince’s Bed from her Royal Brotherhood Series.

So now…what are you reading again?!

Sunday Salon…02.08.09


It’s the official FIRST Sunday Salon of the year!  Boy has it been a long time but as The Book Faery Reviews is about to kick into gear again, I figured that I needed to get back into the habit of weekly updates in this faery’s book world.

In addition to my other groups I’m in, this week I joined a couple new book communities and got more involved in some of my other book groups.  Here are a couple great book communities to get into if you already aren’t involved in them…

This week I’ve managed to complete the last book of Nora Roberts Seven Trilogy called The Pagan Stone and now reading Sabrina Jeffries In the Prince’s Bed.

Tomorrow the giveaway for Randall Brant’s Blood Harvest is ending and a winner will be selected. So if you haven’t already gone to that post be sure to leave a comment for a chance to get a copy for free.

Later this month there will be more book giveaways coming. Once the Blood Harvest giveaway is done, there will be another for The Italian Lover.  So do be sure to come back to get a chance for that giveaway.

Tomorrow is officially Read in the Bathtub Day so be sure to grab a book and relax in the tub!

To join in the Sunday Salon community, click on the image above.

Till next Sunday…