Book Winners…3.27.09

Woohoo it’s time to announce this week’s book giveaway winners at The Book Faery Reviews!!  Winners, please contact me within 48 hours at with your mailing address so your book can be mailed out.  If I have not heard from you within 48 hours, it will go to the next person randomly selected on the list.

The Truth Lies In The Dark winner is…MJ!!


The Shattered Reality winner is…Sharon Walling!!


Thanks to all who participated and I promise you that there will be more books to come and already scheduled on The Book Faery Reviews calendar!! 

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Blue Diary

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE…”When Ethan Ford fails to show up for work one day, none of his neighbors would guess that for more than thirteen years he has been running from his past. His true nature has been locked away, as hidden as his real identity. But the devastating truth of Ethan’s history shatters the small town peace of Monroe, Massachusetts. His wife, Jorie, is left with a life that is a mystery, even to herself and his son, Collie, must now decide what kind of man he wants to become.  A compelling mystery, an emotional roller-coaster, Blue Diary is a modern retelling of Bluebeard, a dark fairytale of love gone wrong.

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…In the past I have enjoyed reading Hoffman’s work but I should have known that if a book takes me a LOOOONG time to get engaged (I believe it took me 2.5 weeks to read Blue Diary) and is nothing but pure drama; it’s not going to be one that I will really like.  If I can read a book in 1-3 days, it’s typically a good one in my view.  I’ve also realized that there was a reason why I enjoyed paranormal romance, action packed historical romance, and suspense romance…I need something to kick my imagination into gear!!   This book left me feeling like I did after reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.  People raved about it but it was too dramatic for me, I lost interest throughout parts of it and was just felt depressed.  Blue Diary was very much a book about relationships and basically what happens to them when somebody’s done something secretive in their past.  It does make you remember though that what you do today might not affect or catch up with you at the moment but one day it very well could.  Not only might your choice affect you but those innocents around you as well.  I’m just thrilled I finally finished it!

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE“This stunning novel begins on a winter night in 1964, when a blizzard forces Dr. David Henry to delivery his own twins.  His son, born first, is perfectly healthy, but the doctor immediately recognizes that his daughter has Down Syndrome.  For motives he tells himself are good, he makes a split-second decision that will haunt all their lives forever.  He asks his nurse, Caroline, to take the baby away to an institution.  Instead, she disappears into another city to raise the child as her own.”

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…I’ve FINALLY finished reading the book after THREE attempts over the past year!!!  DONE! DONE I say!!  After hearing such great reviews about the book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and read.  Read and relate it to life as I always do with every book that I pick up.  HOWEVER…I have to say that I was disappointed.  It didn’t grab me as much as I had anticipated that it would.  I felt the story to be slow…Course I’m not that big into serious drama stories.  As I read Kim Edwards The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, I did though experience different emotions throughout the novel.  A child with Down’s Syndrome appears to be difficult but they seem to be the most innocent loving beings around (at least the ones I have met along my life’s path).  I wonder what it really felt like to give away in fear of the “burden” so many speak of.  As a mother myself, I would find it difficult to give up a child myself regardless of the problems they may experience.  I was disappointed in the various characters within the story except for innocent Phoebe.  I wanted to “sit down and intervene” with Norah and David Henry for not communicating with each other which only led to Norah’s “need” to find something with other men outside her marriage and David’s wall he kept up strong and hide which didn’t allow anyone close to him to “know” him.  Not only was their marriage in shambles but it affected their son as well who often rebelled for attention and love of his parents.  It was as if I was within the son’s angry soul for not communicating as well.  But then our children reciprocate the things the parents do in life and that is pretty much what Paul did.  It seemed that ALL the characters but Phoebe felt failure through the 24 years.  It angered me a bit that David couldn’t get the courage to tell his family what he did the moment Phoebe and Paul did.  I wonder though what thing would have allowed him to release his own inner demons.  But I see that the strain of keeping this secret for so long is probably what killed him at such as early age without getting the opportunity to meet his daughter in person and mending his own relationship with his son, her twin.  With all the pregnancy tests and procedures we do now before the child is born, I can’t help but wonder if aborting a child before they are born because of their problems like Down’s isn’t really the same thing David did…at least he wanted his child to live…

For someone who enjoys family drama, they might like it but for me it was too slow and hard to stay engaged..

Cocktails For Three

FROM THE WEBSITE… “Three women, smart and successful, working in the fast and furious world of magazines, meet for cocktails and gossip once a month.  Roxanne: glamorous, self-confident, with a secret lover – and hoping that one day he will leave his wife and marry her.  Maggie: capable and high-achieving, until she finds the one thing she can’t cope with – motherhood.  Candice: honest, decent, or so she believes – until a ghost from her past turns up, and almost ruins her life.  A chance encounter in the cocktail bar sets in train an extraordinary set of events which upsets all their lives and almost destroys their friendship.”

THE BOOK FAERY REVIEW…After reading the last novel, I figured it was time for a light fiction, nothing too serious.  So here we go…OK…so another book that took me by surprise (I thought this was going to be more comedic!) and reminded me of my own friends and those who’ve come along my path I call life!  Six years of friendship yet they don’t know their biggest secret/fear!

As a mother, I can relate to Maggie who’s learning to adjust to motherhood, feeling lost, and trying too hard appear like superwoman.  Takes a meltdown of sorts to discover that she shouldn’t feel like she has to do it all alone.  There are others around her she can get help and support from.  There’s no need to put up this front of perfection!

As a woman and wife who’s been touched with infidelity and overcome it within her marriage, in the beginning I was very angry with Roxanne for being in love with a married family man for six years.  Perhaps it stung just too close to my own heart.  But then I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her and wonder what the man’s wife and children thought of his affair.  Wondered if they were angry towards her for interfering in their family or felt pity towards the fact that she never had it all since his family and wife still always came first?

As a woman who is always wanting to please others and help those I think need help, I could sympathize with Candace but then I couldn’t help but want to slap her to wake up.  I wanted to tell her to open her eyes, listen to her gut, scream at her for not listening to her friends and yell at her for not getting involved with Ed sooner!

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good book and a fairly quick read as well.  Now I just want to go blend me a nice cocktail while I enjoy the nice sunny outdoors.  Drinks anyone?!

Wives and Sisters

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE“When Allison Jenson was six, she and her best friend, Cindy, were playing in the woods near her home.  One moment her friend was beside her; the next, she was gone.  When no leads emerged, Cindy was given up for dead.  Now, years later, still haunted by the disappearance of her childhood friend, Allison suffers a brutal attack that forces her to try to fill in the gaps of a patchwork memory.  Even as a young adult she can get no answers from the Mormon community in which she lives.  She is trapped in a world where she does not fit, surrounded by patriarchs who feed her half-truths in an attempt to placate her, and where daughters and wives are at the mercy of a man who tyrannizes and torments as the self-appointed messenger of God.  Desperate to escape the closed world of the Mormon church and determined to bring her attacker to justice, Allison finds herself on a collision course with powerful community leaders as they cover up the tracks of a sexual predator.  She must uncover the truth before they find her and keep her from piecing together the tragic past that has haunted her life.”Jennifer Apodaca, Author of The Samantha Shaw Mystery Series…  Natalie R. Collins’ Wives and Sisters is a journey through heartbreak, tragedy, and self-discovery with a courageous woman who dares to think for herself in a dogmatic society. This is a story for anyone who has ever questioned what they’ve been taught all their life; anyone who has ever doubted their self-worth, and everyone who loves to cheer on the underdog and watch them triumph in the end. You’ll be glad you took this journey with her.”

THE BOOK FAERY REVIEW…Well, this was DEFINITELY a book you can NOT judge by the cover!!  I don’t typically judge books by their covers but the back of this book didn’t have a summary to give you an idea of what it was going to be about.  So when I picked up the book, I honestly thought I’d be reading a story that took place during the medieval ages due to the castle on the front cover.   Course I can’t really remember any references to a castle so I’m not sure how they came up with the book cover.  This book really puts you in the mind of the main female character Allison.  You feel the pain she bears physically and mentally.  At some points I just wanted to hold the little girl tight and protect her and hug the young woman to soothe her.  Allison grows up in the Mormon church only to learn as she grows up that there are so many unknowns and nobody seems to know the whys therefore it doesn’t seem right.  She leaarns early on that women are discouraged to think and ask questions.  She finally ventures out on her own and goes to college only to find herself in destruction mode.  Drinking, sleeping around, just not caring…The night she is raped by a man wearing the disguise of the man who possibly raped and killed her childhood best friend, things change within her as she tries to find her rapist.  In finding her rapist, she discovers who killed her friend and why her rapist raped her.  Very good book once I got past the first couple chapters, very emotional, and definitely a book that will make you look further into your own religious beliefs.

Garden Spells

gsCover.jpg picture by farrah1230

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE“Garden Spells…Welcome to Bascom, North Carolina, where everyone has a story to tell about the Waverley women. The old house that’s been in the family for generations, the walled garden that mysteriously blooms year round, the rumors and innuendoes of dangerous loves and tragic passions. Eccentric, reclusive, or renegade, there’s not one that wasn’t somehow touched by magic.  As the town’s successful caterer, Claire has always clung closely to the Waverleys’ roots in their enchanted soil, tending the family garden from which she makes her much sought-after delicacies. She has everything she thinks she needs – until one day she finds a vine of ivy creeping into her garden and knows that everything is about to change.  Then her prodigal sister Sydney arrives with her five-year-old daughter and a dark secret she hopes to keep well hidden. And suddenly Claire’s carefully tended life is about to run gloriously out of control …”

THE BOOK FAERY REVIEW: I thought this was a beautifully/magically written book about the many types of relationships!!  Any woman (or even man) who has ever been in any type of relationship whether it’s a sibling relationship, marriage relationship, mother-daughter relationship, friend relationship, or other family relationship would be able to relate on one level or another.  It was a story that should the vulnerabilities and fears of a relationship and the overcoming of that fear.  Letting go to really experience love and happiness.  Watching the two sisters get closer throughout the book gives a nice warm feeling inside. As you envision how the little girl responds to those around her, you can’t help but want to hug her tight if she was a real life being.  You begin to look forward to the aunt’s visits and wonder what the next object will be.  The two men who become the love of the two sister’s you want to keep rooting on for hanging on and being patient.  You feel rage with the little girl’s father who beat her mother frequently if she didn’t do things right.  You feel for the man who loses his significant other because he got tired of doing everything for him and not letting him think on his own.  You feel emotion for the wife who’s insecure in her marriage thinking her husband would leave her if she’s not good enough or better than his first love.  And you just want to touch the husband’s face in the end and cry for her when he tells her that she is the one he wants to be with now, the one he loves now, not the girl from his youth.  The biggest message I got from this book though was to accept and not fight who you are as a person…  Overall, I thought this was a very easy and quick read, very touching, and very magical to the spirit.  I highly recommend this book!!