Letters Never Mailed: 32 Years of Writing to To Waits

lettersnevermailedFROM THE BOOK BACK…“Susan Borgeson’s place among modern day existentialist writers is definitely at the front table.  The evidence that remains is within the pages of this book — and what does remain after writing Tom Waits everyday for 32 years — with no response — is truly remarkable.  A woman of letters is an understated description of a courageous individual that was stricken in her teens with mild schizophrenia and severe, bi-polar (manic depression) disorder.  Her individual struggle to overcome is a lesson for women of all ages, and for anyone with a mental handicap.  These ‘letters’ were all written around the turn of the 21st century.  And, nearly ten years later, still have a reflexive quality that transcends the psychologist’s case study.  Borgeson’s letters have remained fresh and give the meaning to our shared and diverse humanity…Richard Collins, RedEye Publishing International”

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…Reviewing poetry is often hard because you want to give your opinion so others can decide whether they wish to pick it up but the thing with poetry is that how we read and interpret it may be very different from someone else.  Poetry is what I call writing on feeling.  Everyone has their own taste when it comes to reading or even listening to poetry (like music).  I like poems that are raw, to the point, and filled with feeling.  I want to feel the moment like the author.  If a poetry writer can bring me there and I’m feeling that anger, that pain, that happiness, that passion, then I’m sold.

I rather liked this short poetry book by Susan Borgeson.  The author who has mild schizophrenia and severe bi-polar disorder wrote her feelings as they were after enduring a memorable love lost (but perhaps for the better) over over the course of 32 years.  I liked the poems…they felt real, they weren’t fluffy, they just were real.  I could sense the feeling that she was experiencing at the moment of righting that particular poem.  I would recommend anyone who’s experienced love and the loss of love to pick this one up and read it.  It was a VERY quick read, a poetry reading that doesn’t require a genius to decipher the meaning, and a read that will stick in your mind later on.


2 Responses

  1. Dear unnamed reviewer,
    Thank you deeply for your sensitivity and compassion regarding my poetry book, “Letters Never Mailed.” —-
    Susan Borgeson

  2. It was my pleasure. It’s one of the first books I’ve gotten in the mail to review and read from beginning to end right after opening the box. Often times when I get unscheduled books it takes a couple of weeks before I get to reading it. :-)

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