Author Guest Post: Kimberly Elliott (Cheryl)

Today author of Shattered Reality, Kimberly Elliott-Cheryl has graced this side of the blogosphere.  Please welcome her and leave her plenty of comments.  I will be giving away a copy of her book Shattered Reality to one lucky commenter at the end of this week so comment away!

Grief, pain and tears are reality. No one makes it through this life without them.  In writing Shattered Reality, I tried to put content around the multiple feelings that afflicted my family and myself as a result of Child Sexual Assault (CSA).  Taking the journey as an author was not an easy one but has helped me with my inner struggle to understand and deal with CSA.  I also hope it will help others understand this silent epidemic.

Although my family’s experiences with Child Sexual Assault are unique to us, they are sadly too similar to so many other families who have had to deal with the aftermath of abuse.  At the point of disclosure, there were so many wonderful books written by adults who had survived sexual assault as children; so many web sites by survivors.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything available for my immediate family members or myself on how to deal with our feelings as secondary survivors. No handbook on how to deal with a judicial system that doesn’t want to prosecute cases of incest.  There are so many parents who are suffering with no help and no resources; no validation for their feelings.  I am hopeful Shattered Reality will help them validate what they are experiencing and feeling as well as provide resources for assistance during their unique journeys.  They are not alone.  I want others to realize: while life is not fair, broken lives can be fixed.   Healing and survival can arise from darkness.

Kimberly Elliott, MBA, Certified Rape, Aggression,Defense (RAD) Trainer
Executive Defense Technology, LLC.

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16 Responses

  1. This sounds like a very needed book. You see so much on TV about people being arrested for child sexual abuse. It is a big problem- but who is out there to help the victims?

  2. Thanks so much for hosting Kimberly on her virtual book tour!

  3. Wow! I cannot how difficult it was to share her family’s story. That takes a lot of bravery.

  4. There is so much going on when a family member comes out of the shadows to inform on the incest. It is unimaginable the turmoil that must occur in everyone’s lives, as the feelings of helplessness seep in. Looks like this would be a great book for the many people who are caught in this horrible reality.

  5. I’d like to read this.

  6. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for the review of my book. I appreciate your helping us share our story to enlighten others and help those who may need it.
    I appreciate the very kind comments and hope that one day there won’t be a need for books such as mine or those by the survivors of rape / molestation. Unfortunately, this is such a silent epidemic and it needs to be looked at differently than it is today.
    Thank you again for the opportunity to share. Have a wonderful week –

  7. My mother was a CSA victim, along with her younger sister, so I know well the type of long-lasting effects that it has, especially if the victim doesn’t receive help of any kind. In my mother’s and aunt’s case, even their own family decided to ignore what had happened, in the bizarre hope that if it was never acknowledged then it never happened. The pain from that decision still effects all of them today in multiple ways. So, I know the importance of books like this. Thank you.

  8. I’ve posted this on Win A Book. No need to enter me.

  9. I’d like to be included!

  10. Wow this book sounds very touching and gut wrenching. I would love a chance to read it.

  11. I am a Licensed Counselor and think this book would be wonderful to read to add to my knowledge for treating others.

  12. My family is one that chose not to acknowledge what happened. It is so sad and it follows you for the rest of your life. I still at times ask myself how does one forgive someone who is already dead since the person who did this is now dead. One day at a time is my answer. Thank you for sharing your story with the rest of us.

    dbkagrayson2002 at gmail dot com

  13. Very interesting review. I have been an advocate for SARC (Sexual Assault Resource Center)
    I would love to win & read this.

  14. I am also a subscriber.

  15. […] her Guest Post here from the other […]

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