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Save the Best for Last with Author Interview

save-the-best-for-lastFROM THE AUTHOR’S SITE”Zwick lamps, a Secret admirer to Whitney Barnes got targeted by a genius son of the past evil family that had lived in green oasis town. However, it was once before that zwick had finally discovered his supernatural powers that were only known by the isolated old woman Tabitha, a misfortuned lady whose husband died on their wedding day.

In the aftermath of a fire rampage, zwick lamps is framed and prosecuted while Karl Hamilton got convicted and beheaded as per the capital punishment for misdemeanors in the town. Though All along elites had thought that their town was safe. Unfortunately they realized the evil bangle was using Karl’s body which raised people tension and eye brows as the entity haunted the town. Screaming with frustration, it seemed unstoppable, untouchable and above all powers as the bicentenary day of its ancestors was nearing closer to the sacrifice.

But zwick driven by pain of his own past experiences, He was determined to save Rai Evans this time due to the fact that he had realized how much crazy he was about her. But the dateline had to be met in the midst of the eclipse in order to get possession of all his abilities to save Rai while getting rid of the guiltiness of Whitney’s death on his heart. Though, he knew he will never reunite with Madam Tabitha if he does save the girl.”


The Book Faery: What was your inspiration to this book?

Kim Hanks: In fact it was a day dream that led me to initiate into the world of save the best for last. This Idea settled quickly in my head than any other sub plots I had had before it. It was amazing to me because the story was imaginary more visual to me. I wasn’t a writing diva by then, but I knew the next thing was to bring that epic fantasy tale to life.

TBF: How did you go about creating the characters and places? Are any of the characters or places you wrote about significant to you?

KH: They became significant to me after creating them and giving them total life. They’re not related to me or anybody in the real world.

TBF: Who was your favorite character to write?

KH: Sincerely Zwick lamps, was my favorite character to write about because not only that I have great knowledge about him. But he was so much fun to create him.

TBF: What was the most challenging part of writing the book?

KH: I can’t say that there was a challenging part in writing this novel apart from my courage not to give up, many people get discouraged and get off writing with nothing other than five pages.

So it was a challenge to me that I loved and enjoyed every minute working on save the best for last.

TBF: How long did it take to finish this novel?

KH: Three months

TBF: If your book was being discussed by a book club, or a few friends meeting over coffee, what about the book do you think would drive the most discussion? (a particular character, event, theme)?

KH: Obviously, Zwick lamps draw the most discussion because his life is always in trouble, mostly in the theme of supernatural.

TBF: If your book was made into a movie, what actors/actresses would you like playing the main roles?

KH: Zac Efron, Scarlett Johansson and Vanessa Hudgens can make it a great blockbuster of all time.

TBF: Do you write during set hours of the day or do you write when the mood hits?

KH: I don’t have set hours for writing at the moment; I mostly write during nights but when I begin, I write until I can’t take it anymore.

TBF: What types of books do you most enjoy reading? Who are your favorite authors?

KH: I read a variety of different genres from various authors and I enjoy all the good books, I don’t think that I can stick on something being my favorite, because there so many new things that comes daily in the literary world.

TBF: Do you have any advice to those working on their first novels?

KH: Believing in your work is vital to any author, if you don’t trust it, nobody will. Keeping reading and don’t forget to write something every day. It will help you to recognize advancements in your writing craft as you writing career goes on.

TBF: Are you currently working on another novel and if so could you give us a sneak peek?

KH: Currently, I’m working on the sequel of save the best for last with other two single title projects. And at the core of the second book, the fate continues and we have one character who’s not coming back in book two.

Thank you Kim Hanks for taking the time out for an interview and thanks to Pump Up Your Books Promotion group for giving me the opportunity to help promote books!


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  1. Nice interview! Thanks so much for sharing it.

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