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Hearts of Stone

9781438929118_cover.inddFROM THE AUTHOR’S PRESS RELEASE…“Prophetic dreams were very important in Biblical times to Jacob, Joseph and the Egyptian pharaohs as dreams had a major impact on people’s daily lives and on decisions made.  But in 2009 most people will scoff at dreams that portend to predict future events.

Hearts of Stone is a collection of dreams the author has had for almost 50 years, most of which have come true within a two-week period.  Kate’s dreams have correctly predicted deaths, accidents, hurricanes, the advent of AIDS, plane crashes, 9-11, the Valdez oil spill, the Challenger explosion, the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, and have included detailed information about the End Times.

But in spite of a remarkable record of truth, governments, media representatives, co-workers and others back away from Kate when she shares a dream’s content and often scoff at her – for two weeks, at least, until the event occurs.”

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…Gessner shares her dreams as she believes they are messages from God.  After reading this book, it makes one stop to think about previous dreams and how they could have applied to their own lives; at least I know I did.  Perhaps God is sending us messages of what we should be doing and dreams is just another channel in which HE can speak to us.

This is not a book I would normally pick up and buy but it was still interesting. It would have been an interesting coffee chat with the author in person.

A free online version of her book can be found here: http://katesdreams.proboards50.com/index.cgi?board=hearts&action=display&thread=186

The author’s site is located at Kate’s Dreams.


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  1. This sounds interesting. I often wonder what my dreams mean and if they’re really God telling me something. Might be worth checking out this book. Thanks for the review.

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