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Of Dreams and Realities


FROM THE PRESS RELEASE…“Frank L. Johnson strives to give young adults a fresh look at life’s situations.

Odenton, MD- Of Dreams and Realities is a new book of poetry by teach Frank L. Johnson. The book intends to address the little things in life that are often overlooked – person who serves others by providing services and those who work diligently without recognition, as well as those who dare to dream and are not afraid to try again when their dreams fall apart.

Johnson hopes to touch on topics ranging from freedom, on being uncomfortable, and confrontation, to dreaming out loud, relationship issues and encouragement. His poem “Give the Little Guy a Hand” demonstrates an appreciation for the everyday person who aims to work hard and do the best he can.”

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…I found the poems both witty at times and encouraging to the average person in many life situations. I could relate to many of them and some I could definitely imagine taking place. Two of my favorite poems included “On Being Uncomfortable” and “You Said You Couldn’t Do It. But You Did”. While I might not pick up this book for the current amazon price, it might be one I’d pick up when the price has been reduced or borrow it.


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