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Booking Through Thursday 2.19.09

Once the big kids were dropped off at school, the little one and I decided to head to the library and surround us with lots of books.

So what DID we pick up at the library today?

For practical reasons…

  • Click: What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why it Matters by Bill Tancer

Who doesn’t want more  pleasure…

  • Real Sex for Real Women: Intimacy, Pleasure, & Sexual Wellbeing by Laura Berman Ph.D.

Some horrific reading of a movie I’ve seen…

  • The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red edited by Joyce Reardon, Ph.D.

Fun sensual reading…

  • Strange Candy: A Collection of Stories with All-New Introductions by Laurell K. Hamilton
  • Nightseer by Laurell K. Hamilton
  • Pleasure for Pleasure: Essex Sister Series by Eloisa James
  • Much Ado About You: Essex Sister Series by Eloisa James

Playtime reading…

  • A Crack in the Track: Thomas and Friends by Rev. W. Awdry
  • Spring is Here by Taro Gomi
  • Busy Bunny Illustrated by Rachel Baines

Yep…we’re STILL potty training…

  • Diapers Are Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick

And now as I write what we picked up from the library, thought I’d mention Ms. Mailwoman rang my doorbell as I wrote this post to hand over new books from from some publishers that are mine to read, review, and keep!

  • Vigilante Witch Hunter by Gary Turcotte
  • What is Your Self-Worth: A Guide to Validation w/ Personal Journal by Cheryl Saban, Ph.D.

Have you picked up anything new today or this week?


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  1. Hello!

    I was delighted to see that our book, Diapers Are Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick, was mentioned on your site! I would be happy to send more Free Spirit Publishing books your way, if you’re interested in looking them over or possibly reviewing them. I would also be happy to send you our latest catalog. We specialize in kids’ social and emotional health, as you probably guess! Thank you again for choosing “Diapers…” How did your little one respond to it?

    All the best,
    Jenni Bowring
    Free Spirit Publishing

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