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No Experts Needed

no-experts-neededFROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITELosing a job always delivers a hard blow, but it was especially hard for forty-something author Louise Lewis, one of many victims of the technology industry’s dotcom implosion. No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You! tells the story of how she pulled herself together and discovered a new life of meaning.

Just minutes after being “set free”, Lewis, a single woman with a mortgage to pay, sits in the San Jose, California, airport panicking over her future. While toying with the option of giving into depression, she receives a powerful message from God that instantly releases the weight of her worries. “This is just a new chapter in your life. You hold the pen, I’ll guide your hand, and together we’ll write one hell of a chapter.” Through Spirit’s continued involvement, Lewis is inspired to ask normal, everyday people to answer Spirit’s question: what is the meaning of life?

No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You! weaves through a vast collection of spontaneous, thought-provoking answers and inspirational stories that demonstrate how the simple act of listening to Spirit can add meaning to every moment of your life.”

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…This was a great book that was definitely a reminder of the meaning of life.  Since being unemployed nearly a year now, I’ve too had some time to rethink about the value of life.  Over the past several months I’ve had the time to evaluate myself, my fears, what makes me happy, and the many inspirations and blessings within my own life.  Like the author I chose to take the time off and not look at it in a negative way.  I look at the positive impact this has been in my life.

A couple of my favorite quotes from the book include:

Just point to what I want in life and then go get it.  Point to happiness and claim it.  Point to peace and create it.  Something like the Nike ads: “Just do it.”

Life is the preparation for the next level.  We are put here for a reason, are placed in people’s lives for a reason, and leave this plane for a reason.  Our job is to live according to the laws of nature and God and inspire others to believe in the power of God.

Life is a test
Of courage…
Of faith…
Of love…

there are no accidents in life

So what is my definition of the meaning of life?

It’s to inspire, to be inspired, to learn and experience while sharing with others.  We all have a purpose in life.  A purpose we may not know of today or even tomorrow but there is a purpose.  God chose us to do something special in another life. That’s my definition of the meaning of life and that is what keeps me going in my daily walk and what inspires me to awake every day.

**If you would like to receive a free electronic copy of this book,
stop by Louise Lewis’ site today.


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