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A Jolly Good Fellow

a-jolly-good-fellowFROM THE BACK OF STEPHEN V. MASSE’S BOOK…”Two weeks from before Christmas, Duncan Wagner gets into his car for another attempt at kidnapping the son of his most despised enemy, State Representative Win Booker. When he drives into the wealthy Boston suburb, he is surprised to find the boy hitchhiking. So begins Wagner’s quest for revenge as he finds himself face to face with a real boy, and without a clue about how to run a kidnapping. Wagner, a self-styled charity Santa Claus, comes to realize that eleven year old Gabriel Booker is truly a runaway, much more curious than scared. Gabriel has no idea who Duncan Wagner is – or could be. In an old apartment in downtown Boston, the odd pair makes an unforgettable team, providing each other with what they have been missing in life. Author Stephen V. Masse captures the friendship with a blend of suspense and humor, showing that love is a resource which can bring redemption to the most damaged souls.”

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…This was a great quick book that looks into the relationship between a runaway boy and a grown man filled with bitterness from his lost love and makes you think. Right from the beginning you can see the tenderness and a sort friendship that begins. As I read the book I could not help but wonder if all was justified somehow in the end. The kidnapping was wrong but then oddly it was what allowed two strangers to finally meet if only for the last time. One thing that I was reminded of when I read A Jolly Good Fellow was that trying to revenge definitely has a way of getting back eventually so what is the point in bringing that upon oneself?


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