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Sunday Salon 4

Welcome to another Sunday Salon!  Today’s post will be fairly short as not much has been happening in the land of books.  This week I didn’t get a lot of reading done due to spending time recreating my other blog at www.wifeandmomof3.net.  BUT I did manage to FINALLY complete Ray Bradbury’s short novel Somewhere a Band is Playing found in his book Now and Forever.  I did add a post just before this Sunday’s Salon write-up in case you’re interested in what I thought about it.  In addition, I have been reading Christine Feehan’s Turbulent Seas which is the 6th book of the Drake Sisters series.  I don’t plan on posting a review on Feehan’s book until I complete the 7th book in the series (coming out this month) so look for the review next month.  I should have Feehan’s book done tonight or tomorrow and have plans to begin Alice Hoffman’s Blue Diary and Lady of High Regard by Tracie Peterson this week.  Look for those reviews before next Sunday’s Salon.



One Response

  1. I really want to read A Lady of High Regard.

    Can’t wait to see what you think of it, Farrah.

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