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Now and Forever…Somewhere a Band Playing

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE:  Now and Forever is a bold new work from an incomparable artist whose stories have reshaped America’s literary landscape; two bewitching novellas that have never before appeared in print-each distinctly different, yet uniquely Bradbury-demonstrating the breathtaking range of the master’s talent and the irrepressible vitality of his mind, spirit, and heart.  In Somewhere a Band Is Playing, a writer is drawn by poetry and dreams to tiny Summerton, Arizona, a community hidden in plain view, where no small children play, and where the residents never seem to age. Enchanted by its powerful rural magic-and by a beautiful, enigmatic lady who bears the name of an Egyptian queen-the writer sets out to uncover Summerton’s mysteries before the inevitable arrival of a ruthless destruction.  More than a half century into his remarkable career, Ray Bradbury continues to delight and astound with grand visions, lyrical prose, and provocative thought. Rich in poetry, wonder, imagination, and truth, here is proof positive that the words and stories of the inimitable Bradbury will live on . . . Now and Forever.”

I FINALLY completed the FIRST short novel within Now and Forever titled Somewhere a Band is Playing.  I enjoyed Bradbury’s imaginative descriptions but I have to say it took me “forever” to understand the meanings of the various parts of the story.  Once I finally was able to comprehend the meaning, I felt that the story just dropped and I felt a bit disappointed. 

There is a second short novel found within the pages of Now and Forever…Leviathan ’99; to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be reading this short novel.  I prefer reading stories that don’t require me to read a segment over and over again to comprehend so I doubt I’ll be picking up the book again anytime soon.  Does this mean I won’t be picking up another Bradbury classic?  Nah…it’s just time to move on to another story for now…


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