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Midwife of the Blue Ridge

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE : “The year is 1763 and the British have defeated the French, putting an end to the intercontinental war that had ravaged the American Colonies for seven long years.  In the highlands of Scotland, Maggie Duncan is desperate to alter the course of her lonely, hardscrabble life. In search of a new beginning, the young midwife puts her mark to terms of indenture, turns her back on her homeland, and embarks on an adventure into the great unknown. Maggie survives the perilous journey across treacherous seas and makes landfall in Virginia Colony. Her indenture is sold at auction and she is bound to provide four years of service to a farming family living on the remote frontier in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. No longer under threat of war, the Virginian uplands are being claimed and settled by bold men seeking their fortunes. Frontier folk face adversity daily as they carve out an existence in this wild, beautiful place.  Rugged backwoodsmen vie with determined homesteaders and brutal land speculators for ground, game, and the favors of a handful of women. More than one of these daring men are drawn to the pretty midwife, and more than ever Maggie must rely on her wits, her healing skills and her strength of heart to survive in a savage land where the whisper of Indian uprising lies just over the horizon.”

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS:  From the beginning of the Blevins novel I just KNEW I’d enjoy it.  If it takes off from the get go, I just KNOW it!  With each page of the Midwife of the Blue Ridge I anticipated the next.  I LOVE a good historical fiction filled with love, struggle, and action which Blevins brought to the table.  I enjoyed watching the characters of Maggie, Tom, and Simon change throughout the story and couldn’t help to see them all so different but all so similar.  The ending was a surprise yet it wasn’t a surprise at the same time, but I’m glad the two in the end were left (no, I won’t spoil it for ya this time…lol).

Wanna know one of my favorite scenes?  Watch it…it’s from a page in the book.  If you can’t handle being told a scene before you read it…CLOSE your EYES!!!  LOL  I couldn’t help but bust out with laughter while reading it and imagining the scene…

Prelude to scene…Maggie had told Naomi about Tom telling her that her hair was pretty on their last encounter earlier that morning.  Naomi just KNEW they both might be smitten by each other…Tom comes to breakfast not too much long after and everyone’s shocked to see his shaven face and the kids are fighting over who he gets to sit next to.

“Come an sit next to me, Tom.” Winnie patted the empty spot beside her.

“Tom don’t want to sit near a puddin’ head like you.” Jack stuck out his tongue out at his sister. “Tom wants to sit beside Maggie. She’s got pretty hair.”

Flustered Tom stumbled forward, tripped over Battler, got tangled up with the broom handle, and flailing for balance, fell with a crash to the floor.

The Martins and Maggie rushed around the table.  Battler sat up, wailing like a banshee, but Tom lay perfectly still, knocked out cold.  Maggie fell to her knees.  Seth helped her to flip the man onto his back.

“Would ye look at the knot on his forehead?” Maggie said.  “He banged his noggin but good on that table edge.  Jackie!  Fetch my basket.”

So go check out Christine Blevins’ book Midwife of the Blue Ridge, a tale that will get your heart glowing with love, anger, sympathy, and glowing once again…


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Midwife of the Blue Ridge is available for purchase at:
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Read the interview with Christine at the Author 10 Q&A page.

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2 Responses

  1. […] Wife and Mom of 3).  In addition, I did complete a book review for author Christine Blevins called Midwife of the Blue Ridge.  I thought it was a good book, you’ll just have to check out my previous post to read more […]

  2. Farrah –

    I love getting that “oh, this is a good one…” feeling when I first crack open a new book – and I LOVE IT that you felt that when reading my work.

    Thank you so much for connecting to the story in such a way that you were able to write such a lovely review. I really appreciate it.


    Christine Blevins


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