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My First Sunday Salon Entry…

Here’s to my first Sunday Salon!  As you could tell from my last post, I just finished Ellen Meister’s The Smart One.  Began reading the book on Friday and then finished it about 3:30am Saturday panicking that I was about to miss the reviewer’s deadline!  Come to find out…it didn’t have to be posted til the 15th!!  Oh well…I am a procrastinator so apparently telling myself it’s due the week before really works! LOL Now…here I sit thinking about what’s on my bedroom and garage bookcases…which shall be the next book? 

I’ve got a couple early review books I received through LibraryThing I SHOULD review but I am honestly not in the mood for a “spiritual journey” or a journey across the waters to China.  Apparently I went click happy on choosing books I might be interested in and got a couple that I’m afraid won’t hold my interest.  But who knows…once I get into it, I just might find myself quickly reading and fully engaged. 

Now I’m thinking about the new early copy book I received through Blog Stop Book Tour which looks like a really good book BUT I my review isn’t due til September so I figure I’ll hold off on reading that one so it doesn’t get lost in the posts here.  In case you’re wondering…it’s Christine Blevins’ Midwife of the Blue Ridge

I did go to the used bookstore yesterday and picked up The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and Darcy’s Story: Pride and Predjudice told from a whole new perspective by Janet Aylmer which is based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Predjudice.   

However…I believe I am going to FINALLY read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards.  A previous bookclub hot book that I never managed to complete.  When I say never managed to complete, I mean I’ve tried on TWO occassions to at least listen to the audio recording while running errands and both times never seemed to get far.  But something I’ve just realized as I listen to a lot of audio books as well as read a lot of physical books, is that I’m MUCH MUCH faster at READING the book than to listen.  I enjoy both but I suppose when I can use my complete imagination as to what shade of hair color, sound that is made, or sound of the character, I tend to get through it must faster than be thrown off by slow speaking narrators or women speaking men parts and vice versa.  So NOW I have a copy of the book and I believe THAT is the book for this week.  :-) Yep…I shall begin it tonight once I am satisfied with this post and updating my blog a bit AND the kiddies are all finally tucked away for the night. 

If you’re interested in joining those of us who blog with the Sunday Salon…you can find out more information here: http://dhamel.typepad.com/sundaysalon or just click on The Sunday Salon banner image at the beginning of the post.  Hope to see you around!


2 Responses

  1. I will be interested in reading your review of The Memory Keepers Daughter. I read it last year and enjoyed it. The Time Traveler’s Wife was also interesting. Good stuff!!

  2. Hello! How nice that we’re posting our first Sunday Salon blog together. :) Thanks for your comments on my post. I have read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and really enjoyed it – I read it in a weekend as I borrowed it from a friend and was under pressure. A very enjoyable book and not too Jodi Piccolt-esque. By that I mean there was definitely a moral and emotional issue at the heart of the book but we weren’t beaten over the head with it. I have heard excellent things about The Time Traveler’s Wife (which is apparently being made into a movie) and have it on my “to be read list”. Would also like to hear how Darcy’s Story pans out…there are lots of those Pride and Prejudice sequels/prequels/reworkings out there I’ve discovered and I’d be curious to hear the quality of the writing and idea.

    Happy reading! :)

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