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A Lady of Hidden Talent

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE“When her father is falsely imprisoned for slave trading, Catherine Newbury finds her English world turned upside down. Whisked away with trusted servants to America, she is forced to disguise her past and create a completely new life. Taking on a servant’s last name, Catherine becomes an accomplished seamstress whose dress designs are sought throughout Philadelphia. Carter Danby, an architect who was touring England, met Catherine at a party in her English home the very night she was forced to flee. Five years later they meet again when his sister and mother come for a design consultation. Carter is sure he’s met the dark-haired beauty before, but can’t quite place her…. Drawn to Catherine, yet realizing she is hiding a painful past, Carter longs to create a future together with her. Catherine desires above all else to see her father set free—even at the cost of her own dreams. Will love be the sacrifice?

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…Now this was a book I began and completed in 1 night.  I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen to Catherine with Carter, the sewing house, and her secret of her past coming out.  Course we ALWAYS know that main male character will likely do everything in his power to help the female so he get’s what he desires as well.  Catherine and Carter just seemed like the perfect couple to be drawn together even from their first meeting.  Can you imagine meeting that certain person years later to just be more drawn to them?  Very romantic of course. :-) I just wish the sneaky “B” Felecia had gotten more in the end when she thought she could destroy Catherine with her secret.  Besides the love and courtship found within these pages, I was reminded once again to have continued faith in God even in times of adversity.  Sometimes God just takes longer than we want when rectifying a situation.  BUT I do believe the wait is what helps mold us into better individuals.


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