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Rekindled…Book 1 of Fountain Creek Chronicles

FROM THE BACK OF THE BOOK…“At a different time, in a different place, under different circumstances…could two people fall in love once again? Ten years ago Kathryn Jennings made a vow. For better or worse. And that promise still holds true, even though her marriage has not turned out as she expected. When her husband fails to return home one stormy winter night, she struggles to keep their ranch, but her efforts are blocked at every turn. After a shocking glimpse into her husband’s past, Kathryn uncovers a hidden truth. What she wouldn’t give to turn back time and be able to love her husband for the man that he was, not for the man she always wanted him to be. Larson Jennings has spent his entire life running from a broken past, unable to trust, reluctant to try again. One fateful night, his life takes an unexpected twist and soon he is forced to make a choice. Whatever he chooses, his decision may cost him his life.”

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…Let me FIRST begin by saying that if you’re going to read this novel, make sure you have a BRAND NEW box of tissues from the very start of the book. I’ve never cried so much as I did while reading this book. Within the first 23 pages I was already crying and I could not put the book down. In fact…I drove my husband crazy because I read the book from 8pm last night til 3am and then finished the last 2 chapters this morning while cooking breakfast!! (Yeah…I AM a multi-tasker!! LOL) Talk about having faith in God when everything around you seems to be crumbling down then imagine so much more riches HE can give JUST for being faithful!! This novel really touched my soul when it came to the married couple who had separated in the heart years before but still hung on and given a second chance at love. Reminds me of me and my husband (course that’s another story! LOL) and the trials we went through in the past 15 years, yet we did find each other again and remained after realizing you can’t change a person, only yourself…and to love someone, you must first love yourself. And that is what this book reminds you of. In Rekindled, Kathryn just feels him around her though she is unable to see him but once she sees his eyes in another man, she realizes why she fell in love with this stranger…how beautiful is that. A second chance for both…To just look beyond the surface and just KNOW your loved one…


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