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Wives and Sisters

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE“When Allison Jenson was six, she and her best friend, Cindy, were playing in the woods near her home.  One moment her friend was beside her; the next, she was gone.  When no leads emerged, Cindy was given up for dead.  Now, years later, still haunted by the disappearance of her childhood friend, Allison suffers a brutal attack that forces her to try to fill in the gaps of a patchwork memory.  Even as a young adult she can get no answers from the Mormon community in which she lives.  She is trapped in a world where she does not fit, surrounded by patriarchs who feed her half-truths in an attempt to placate her, and where daughters and wives are at the mercy of a man who tyrannizes and torments as the self-appointed messenger of God.  Desperate to escape the closed world of the Mormon church and determined to bring her attacker to justice, Allison finds herself on a collision course with powerful community leaders as they cover up the tracks of a sexual predator.  She must uncover the truth before they find her and keep her from piecing together the tragic past that has haunted her life.”Jennifer Apodaca, Author of The Samantha Shaw Mystery Series…  Natalie R. Collins’ Wives and Sisters is a journey through heartbreak, tragedy, and self-discovery with a courageous woman who dares to think for herself in a dogmatic society. This is a story for anyone who has ever questioned what they’ve been taught all their life; anyone who has ever doubted their self-worth, and everyone who loves to cheer on the underdog and watch them triumph in the end. You’ll be glad you took this journey with her.”

THE BOOK FAERY REVIEW…Well, this was DEFINITELY a book you can NOT judge by the cover!!  I don’t typically judge books by their covers but the back of this book didn’t have a summary to give you an idea of what it was going to be about.  So when I picked up the book, I honestly thought I’d be reading a story that took place during the medieval ages due to the castle on the front cover.   Course I can’t really remember any references to a castle so I’m not sure how they came up with the book cover.  This book really puts you in the mind of the main female character Allison.  You feel the pain she bears physically and mentally.  At some points I just wanted to hold the little girl tight and protect her and hug the young woman to soothe her.  Allison grows up in the Mormon church only to learn as she grows up that there are so many unknowns and nobody seems to know the whys therefore it doesn’t seem right.  She leaarns early on that women are discouraged to think and ask questions.  She finally ventures out on her own and goes to college only to find herself in destruction mode.  Drinking, sleeping around, just not caring…The night she is raped by a man wearing the disguise of the man who possibly raped and killed her childhood best friend, things change within her as she tries to find her rapist.  In finding her rapist, she discovers who killed her friend and why her rapist raped her.  Very good book once I got past the first couple chapters, very emotional, and definitely a book that will make you look further into your own religious beliefs.


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  1. I loved this. I enjoy reading about religion, and this was a lot of fun. It was a quick read, but so, so enjoyable. Natalie R. Collins has a great website- http://www.nataliercollins.com/index.php. She maintains a blog on there as well (she gets a lot of hate mail from people who don’t enjoy her speaking out against the Mormon religion), and if you post a comment, she’ll usually post back. She’s very nice. :) I reviewed this one and Behind Closed Doors on my site as well. If you enjoyed this, you’ll probably like Behind Closed Doors too. :)

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