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Blood Brothers…Book 1 of Seven Trilogy

FROM THE AUTHOR’S WEBSITE…Blood Brothers; Book 1: ”On the eve of their 10th birthday, the three boys meet to camp in the woods surrounding Hawkins Hollow.  Their destination is the Pagan Stone, where they perform a blood brother ritual cementing their friendship forever.  When their combined blood hits the ground by the Pagan Stone, a powerful evil, coiled in waiting for centuries, strikes.  Seven days of chaos engulf Hawkins Hollow after that ritual, but in the aftermath the citizens can’t quite recall the horror that possessed them.  Every seven years, that evil returns in full force for seven days–and the citizens again don’t remember, or not clearly, what happened.  Only the boys, now men, know. Now, three friends must gather their strength and pool their talent—with that of three women who are drawn to the town, and to them–to defeat the evil readying itself for a return to Hawkins Hollow.”

BOOK FAERY REVIEW…Well…Good book!  Chilling when I envision the story events from the vivid descriptions Nora Roberts gives and probably my warped sick mind.  Reminds me that so many things in life happen for some reason one way or another.  Nothing is ever by true “accident” as paths were meant to be crossed by certain individuals regardless of the outcome.  Now I can’t wait to grab the next book in the trilogy…Hollow…which continues the story with Fox and Layla and comes out this May…


3 Responses

  1. Great post.., man

  2. I loved this book and can’t wait for May too get here,some of her characters don’t seem real but these do and I love the small town description. i read it 3 times so far,I’ve read just about everything she’s wrote as Nora Roberts.I don’t like J.d. Robb as well. She rules!

  3. favorited this one, man

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