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Meredith Gentry Series (Books 1-6)

BOOK FAERY REVIEW…I enjoyed reading the Meredith Gentry Fey series by Laurell K. Hamilton.  With each book you learn more about each of the men in her life (specifically her bed) aka the Royal Guards.  You find as you read the books how “Merry” is able to tap into each one and bring something special out in them.  You find yourself drooling as you envision these bodies that worship hers.  In addition to the steamy passion with the guards, there’s suspense throughout the books as you try to figure out “whodunnit” and the vicious killing spree’s almost feel empowering as good fights evil. I would have to say that Frost is my favorite guard and I am so pleased that in the end her favorites get to share having a baby with her.

A Kiss of Shadows; Book 1…All it would take was my true name being mentioned after dark, and it would float back to my aunt.  She was the Queen of Air and Darkness, and that meant that anything said in the dark was hers to hear, eventually. The fact that spotting the missing Elven American Princess had become more popular than spotting Elvis helped. Her magic was always chasing blind leads. Princess Meredith skiing in Utah. Princess Meredith dancing in Paris. Princess Meredith gambling in Vegas. After three years I was still a front-page story for the tabloids, though the latest headlines had been speculating that I was dead as the King of Rock and Roll . . .

A Caress of Twilight; Book 2…If someone offered you a throne would you accept?  What if it was for the wrong side?  Meredith NicEssus, Princess of the Sidhe courts, should have had a dream life. What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? Unfortunately for Meredith, she not only has royal, but has lesser Fey and human blood flowing through her veins. A combination that left her as mortal as any human being and weaker than most Fey.  Born into culture with a class structure where such small things as blood lines make a very big difference. A life at court, where politics and petty games of arrogance, cruelty, sadism and the occasional assassination, were regular parts of the daily regime and anyone different was fair game. To save her life, knowing that the Court would view it as a betrayal, Meredith fled for the human city of Los Angeles. Adopting the name Merry Gentry and accepting a job with the Grey Detective Agency as a “magical consultant” she tried to keep her past a secret.

Seduced by Moonlight; Book 3…A lot of people lounge by pools in L.A., but few of them are truly immortal, no matter how hard they pretend with plastic surgery and exercise. Doyle was truly immortal and had been for over a thousand years. A thousand years of wards, assassinations, and political intrigue, and he’d been reduced to being eye candy in a thong bathing suit by the pool of the rich and famous. He lay at the edge of the pool, wearing almost nothing. Sunlight glittered across the blue, blue water of the pool. The light broke in a jagged dance across his body, as if some invisible hand stirred the light, and made it turn into a dozen tiny spotlights that coaxed Doyle’s dark, dark body into colors that I’d never known his skin could hold.  He wasn’t black the way a human being is black, but more like a dog is black. True black like the darkest of nights, or so I’d thought. Watching the play of light on his skin, I realized I’d been wrong. His skin gleamed with blue highlights, a shine of midnight blue along the long muscular sweep of his calf; a flare of royal blue like a stroke of deep sky touched his back and shoulder. Purple to shame the darkest amethyst caressed his hip. How could I ever have thought his skin monochrome? He was a miracle of colors and light, strapped across a body that rippled and moved with muscles honed in wars fought centuries before I was born.

A Stroke of Midnight; Book 4…The Queen had never allowed this much of the human media inside the Unseelie’s hollow hill, our sithen. It was our refuge, and you didn’t let the press into your refuge. But yesterday’s assassination attempt had made the press inside our home the lesser evil. The theory was that inside the sithen our magic would protect me much better than it had in the airport yesterday, where I’d nearly been shot.  Our court publicist, Madeline Phelps, pointed to the first reporter, and the questions began.  “Princess Meredith, you had blood on your face yesterday, but today the only sign of injury is your arm in a sling. What were your injuries yesterday?”

Mistral’s Kiss; Book 5…I dreamt of warm flesh and cookies. The sex I understood, but the cookies%u2026.- Why cookies? Why not cake, or meat? But that’s what my subconscious chose as I dreamt. We were eating in the tiny kitchen of my Los Angeles apartment-an apartment I didn’t live in anymore, outside of dreams. The we were me, Princess Meredith – the only faerie royal ever born on American soil -and my royal guards, over a dozen of them.  They moved around with skin the color of darkest night, whitest snow, the pale of newborn leaves, the brown of leaves that have gone down to die on the forest floor, a rainbow of men moving nude around the kitchen.  The real apartment kitchen would have barely held three of us, but in the dream everyone walked through that narrow space between sink and stove and cabinets as if there were all the room in the world.

A Lick of Frost; Book 6…I was sitting in an elegant conference room in the top of one of the gleaming towers that make up part of downtown Los Angeles. The room’s far wall was almost entirely of glass, so that the view was nearly agoraphobic. They’re predicting that if the big one-the big earthquake that is-hits, this section of L. A. will be eight to fifteen feet deep in glass. Anything on the streets below will be cut to pieces, crushed, or trapped underneath an avalanche of glass. Not a pretty thought, but it was a day for ugly thoughts.  My uncle Taranis, King of Light and Illusion, had pressed charges against three of my royal bodyguards. He had gone to the human authorities with charges that Rhys, Galen, and Abe had raped one of his court’s women.  In all the long history of his reign in the Seelie Court he had never gone outside to the humans for justice. Faerie rule; faerie law. Or truthfully, sidhe rule; sidhe law. The sidhe had ruled faerie for longer than anyone could remember. Since some of those memories stretched back thousands of years, maybe the sidhe had always been in charge, but it tasted like a lie. The sidhe do not lie, for to truly lie is to be cast out of faerie, exiled. Since I knew that the three bodyguards in question were innocent, that raised interesting problems with Lady Caitrin’s testimony.  But today we were just giving statements, and, depending on how that went, King Taranis was standing by for a group call. Which was why Simon Biggs and Thomas Farmer, both of Biggs, Biggs, Farmer, and Farmer, were sitting beside me.  “Thank you for agreeing to this meeting today, Princess Meredith,” one of the suits across the table said. There were seven suits across the wide, gleaming table, with their backs to the lovely view.  Ambassador Stevens, official ambassador to the courts of faerie, was sitting on our side of the table, but he was on the far side of Biggs and Farmer. Stevens said, “A word on faerie etiquette: You don’t say thank you to the people of faerie, Mr. Shelby. Princess Meredith, as one of the younger royals, will probably not be offended, but you will be dealing with some nobility who are much older. Not all of them will allow a thank you to pass without grave insult.” Stevens smiled when he said it, his blandly handsome face sincere from his brown eyes to his perfectly cut brown hair. He was supposed to be our voice to the world, but, truthfully, he spent all his time at the Seelie Court sucking up to my uncle. The Unseelie Court where my aunt Andais, Queen of Air and Darkness, ruled, and where I might rule someday, was too scary for Stevens. No, I didn’t like him.


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