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The Least Likely Bride

FROM THE AUTHOR…“Dear Reader, In my Brides Trilogy, three unconventional young women vow never to marry, only-one by one-to be overtaken by destiny.  Scholarly Olivia is most certainly The Least Likely Bride–One moment Lady Olivia Granville is strolling along a path, her nose buried in a tome of Greek philosophy; the next she is plunging down a rocky cliff. When she regains consciousness, she is naked and unwittingly trapped on a pirate ship.  Her captor, though, is no ordinary pirate.  Wickedly handsome, disturbingly mysterious, the grey-eyed master of the Wind Dancer is both a physician and an artist, and admits to making his living from the sea.  Most disconcerting of all, when he turns his glittering eyes on her, he sees not the stammering, hopelessly bookish young girl Olivia has always been, but a passionate, beautiful woman who can, if she chooses, embark on the adventure and the love of a lifetime.  I invite you to share in Olivia’s passionate, enchanting adventure.  Warmest wishes,  (signed)Jane Feather  P.S. For Portia’s story, be sure to read The Hostage Bride, and you will catch Phoebe’s story in The Accidental Bride.  And look for my next novel, The Window’s Kiss, in early 2001– in which my heroine has been widowed not less than four times!”

BOOK FAERY REVIEW…I found The Least Likely Bride a great historical romance that had the right amount of adventure and passion.  I am always happy to see a female character who is both intellectual and beautiful.  Feather’s definitely kept me on my toes, wanting me to grab a sword and join in on the pirate fighting.  I found myself just as entranced by the handsome and intellectual Pirate as much as Olivia had.  Visions of the pair sneaking around at night while all were asleep and fighting to not show more love to the other reminded me of teens in love (and even of my own relationship to my husband who was my highschool sweetheart).


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